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d.o.r.k. / Microplay HALO 2 Launch Event - Nov. 8


This Monday, November 8, d.o.r.k. – The Digital Organization for Recreational Killing, will be teaming up with our friends @ Microplay - 1330 Danforth Ave. (East of Greenwood subway) to help launch the year's most anticipated game....


We event begins at 4 p.m., with some HALO LAN party action and great prizes to be won!

Come enjoy the multiplayer action on our 2 separate hubs of 16 player, head-to-head combat, on our 8 27” flat screen TVs!

We supply everything you need to get playing, XBOXs, TVs, games, and a room full of targets for you to take aim at!

Then, @ the stroke of Midnight... HALO 2!

At 12:00 a.m., Nov. 9, we'll be cracking open the crates and rolling out copies of H2 for your immediate fix!

You serious gamers won't want to miss this opportunity to be rocking out some 16 player HALO 2 action mere moments after the game has been released across the continent!

Admission is $8, with a portion of all proceeds being donated to the Salvation Army.

Action starts at 4 pm on Nov. 8 and will continue well into the night, as our friends at Microplay will be selling copies of the game! To preorder your copy of HALO 2 – contact Microplay @ 416-465-7693

For further event details and info on the d.o.r.k. ARMY, please visit –

At ease soldier!
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